Question 1

Do you want to own your car?

Some finance options do not allow you to own the car at the end of the contract.

  • Yes I like to keep hold of my car for a long time.
  • No I'd prefer to upgrade my car regularly without the hassle of selling it on.
  • Not sure I'd like to keep my options open, with the opportunity to decide later to own the car.

Question 2

How will you use your car?

Some finance options are subject to mileage restrictions and excess mileage charges.

  • Heavily (Daily and long distances) I drive a lot and really clock up the miles.
  • Regularly (Daily and short distances) I rely on my car for day-to-day life, drive to work, or trips away from home.
  • Infrequently Mostly at the weekend, running errands, visiting family or friends.

Question 3

How would you like to pay for your car?

  • Larger deposit I prefer to pay a larger deposit or use a trade-in to reduce the monthly repayments.
  • Lowest payments Deferring some of the payment to the end to reduce monthly costs.
  • Even payments I prefer to spread the cost out across the repayment period.

Question 4

How long do you think you'll keep your car?

  • 1-2 years I like driving new cars so want to be able to upgrade regularly.
  • 2 years plus I hang on to my car for a long time - I'll replace it when I need to.
  • Not sure Keep my options open, if financial or lifestyle circumstances change.

Question 5

How much care will you take of your car?

Some finance options incur charges for damage beyond fair wear and tear.

  • It gets me from A-B I tend to use my car however I like, without worrying about its condition.
  • I love my car I take pride in my car and keep it in very good condition.
  • Not sure I love to use it, but don't clean it every weekend.

Based on your answers may be the right plan for you

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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is perfect if you want to keep your car for longer than the repayment period.

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Solutions PCP

Solutions PCP is perfect if you like to change your car regularly, want to reduce your monthly repayments, or keep your options open.

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Contract Hire

Contract Hire is perfect if you want to pay a monthly rental for the car, with an option to change it on a regular fixed period.

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